Animating a character in After Effects may not be the easiest thing to do. Of course there are other software intended for that, but sometime because of lack of time, or simply because it’s not the main thing a video, we just need to have it done within AE.

And this is where the brilliant minds of  RainBox Labs , creators of Duik Bassel come to help. This is a free plugin to rig and animate characters in After Effects, and it literally converts it into a powerful character animation software. With all the controls and details it brings, it’s amazing how easily and almost effortless you can now bring a character to life.

  • keyframes, interpolation and rigging with bones and controllers are among the basic features it brings.
  • automating wiggle, springs, swings and wheels is now very simply, bringing natural movement to any character.
  • advanced tools such as camera controls bring another level of detail and complexity to your characters and animation.

Code is Open Source, and users are invited to make donations, supporting a movement of voluntary donations in order to have anything, as Duduf Dufesne -cofounder of RainBox- explains here.