Your Brand is the heart and soul of your company. It is the essence of who you are as an entity and the emotional link that connects your customers to you. At Elysium, we cannot change your internal makeup nor corporate culture, but we can work with you in your public imaging and re-imaging projects. We have deep expertise in identity establishment and Brand management.



At Elysium we design and create catalogs, brochures, flyers, newsletters, technical documentation, user guides and books to fit your needs. You provide the required specifications and we provide you with digital deliverables ready to print or for use on the web.



Our designers create book covers, websites, advertisements and more. If a compelling image is what you need to transmit your message, then we can deliver that to you. Specific styles (bitmap or vector format) and classical non-digital techniques are among the multiple options that can be discussed to fit your project needs.



Back in the old days there were diskettes, then CD-Roms. Nowadays DVDs, USB keys, websites, smartphones, iPads and many more gadgets can hold your presentation, ready to be deployed when needed to your target audience.



SQL, ASP.NET, PHP, Objective C, JAVA, and many more. We are fluent in many languages and eager to learn more. And by the way, we speak English, Spanish and French as well.



BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, Windows, Simbian, etc. From iPad to BlackBerry Bold, if it has a screen we can develop applications for it.



Whether you are deploying a brand new website or tweaking an existing one, we can put our tools to help you accomplish this. Our web projects are designed to help you rank better with the main search engines.



For architects, pharmaceutical or luxury goods industries, for sales or training, our artists can provide top quality 3D animations, rendered at our render-farm to reach the tightest deadlines.



Digital video, compositing and visual fx are just some of the tools we can offer to make your projects shine. From mobile screens to multiple HD beamers or video-walls; we are ready to work by your side to deliver the best video presentation.



From overseeing your printing production to helping setup your server's website, our engagement reaches the very last part of your production flow. With our Dimension 3D printer, we can deliver prototypes and real world 3D models right from your CAD files. We can take aerial and standard photos for your project with our latest technology camera & helium remote controlled balloon. We have a powerful render-farm to deliver animations on the tightest deadlines. Chroma keys and mattes for your videos are not a problem with our Lastolite blue & green studio screen. We are equipped with the best technology and teamed with top industry partners to provide you full end-to-end solutions.