Elysium Sàrl, founded in Geneva in 2005, provides software and design consulting and development services, has forged a wide range of skills and with focus on providing value at its core.
We intend to be the single point of contact as a full-service provider of innovative IT development, and with a strong background on healthcare projects, we consider ourselves an optimal choice for the project under consideration. We are a small sized team (less than 12 people) that has great flexibility and is always ready to make the extra effort that is needed to accomplish great things. With the diversity of our multicultural team, we always have a fresh look and bring out-of-the-box approaches to solve problems and challenges.


From mobile apps to websites and portals, and from 3D animations and motion graphics to publications, our wide range of skills and experience will bring your idea to life.

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Motion graphics videos for UN organization

Industrial design sketches for a prospect

3D virtual gallery for not-for-profit organization

Projection Mapping draft ideas

Clinical health records platform

UX design for a partner company

Multi-language app for the diamond industry


Mobile Design

Apps Consulting

Good Optimization

Fast Development

Product Analytics

Mobile UX/UI

Elysium is a software agency dedicated
to create meaningful projects

From Zero to One

We are moving from zero to one, not from one to hundred. That means we are focused on creating new solutions, not copying the existing ones.

Our Level Up

Working with us you will work with professional certified designers and engineers having the vast good experience.

Your Satisfaction

Creating a design it is not an end in itself, but a means. We understand the rules of the games. It’s about to make you happy.


With offices around the  globe, our dedicated team works day-in and day-out together to bring
our clients the most amazing projects for a digitally connected world.



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The Corporation


Projection Mapping tools

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Projection Mapping is a captivating art that involves a good balance of technical skills and visual magic. Although it may just look as projecting images, it’s a completely different story.…
Duik screenshot

Duik Bassel AE Plugin

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Animating a character in After Effects may not be the easiest thing to do. Of course there are other software intended for that, but sometime because of lack of time,…

RTL and other language challenges

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Working in multilanguages projects brings many challenges, and good lessons can be learned. Among them is the correct selection of tools that are used, that can convert a challenge into…

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